Our services

Vivic provides organisations with workdesign services. Here is a short overview of how we can help you design jobs that people can love. 

Step 1 - Redefine
First, you need to rethink work. Why should providing an engaging work experience be a top priority for all 21st century leaders? In this phase, we fill you in on he research, the  basics of workdesign and the benefits of it all. We deliver seminars, workshops and keynote presentations. 

Step 2 - Redesign 
The second phase is where we help you design the work experience that your organisation offers. This phase has three parts: 

a) Analyse: We take measurements to map how your people currently experience their work. This data can be used for impactful leadership decisions instantly. BETA: use the Flowtime application for daily measurements. Read more about the science behind this. 
Example of a flow potential analysis for an IT-company on the basis of 4 core tasks

b) Design: Armed with the results from the analysis, our team works closely with you to create various design solutions, tailor-made for your organisation. These can range from changes in the work environment or internal communications, a new management or training practice or a combination of different actions, all aimed at creating the most engaging work experience. In any case these interventions are aimed at creating the best possible experience while doing specific tasks. By now, we have collected quite a number of work design hacks we know can solve specific bottlenecks in the experience of work. 

c) Implement: We support you in applying and fine-tuning the agreed-upon solutions, making adjustments or training involved parties as necessary.  

Step 3 - Review
BETA: the Flowtime application. We can give you a daily data feed on the quality of everyday work experience of your people. 

Example of daily flow measurements in a team within an IT company during one month (4 tasks) 

It takes employees only seconds to use our app and log their experience. You can gain almost real-time feedback on the effectiveness of work designs and your ability to fine-tune them. The data can provide many other insights: you can see which teams are most engaged in their work, on what days of the week, on what times during the day, and on which tasks. Ask us here for more information.

In 2014, Flowtime Ltd received an Innovation Voucher Grant from Enterprise Estonia in order to implement the project "Time for Flow: designing a method for measuring intrinsic motivation". The project was carried out by the Psychology Institute of Tartu University and ran from 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2015.