The Science

A ton of management practices blindly follow hype and intuition. At best, they're harmless wastes of money; at worst, an active cause of damage to companies. We don't believe in something just because it's popular.

When we're talking about people's experiences, we're talking about real, scientifically measurable things that happen in their minds. This is why we rely on the ideas and methods of modern behavioral sciences to come up with novel job designs and measure their effectiveness. 

Our science team is currently headed by Andero Uusberg, PhD (University of Tartu, Stanford University). We are also lucky to have as our scientific adviser and supporter the world renowned prof Arnold Bakker (Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology, Erasmus University Rotterdam).

We use the concept of flow, the feeling of being in the zone, to model and measure great experiences during a regular day. Flow is a strong indicator of well designed work. Based on the flow theory, we've developed and validated a diagnostic tool and an innovative method for continuous measurement (with funding from Enterprise Estonia). We're doing original research to apply the concept to work even better. If you want to know more about flow, you can click here.


We use the concept of engagement to model the long term outcomes of a great work experience. Engagement measures a person's dedication, focus, and willingness to go the extra mile at work. We've reason to think that daily flow experiences will lead to engagement over a period of time. 

In addition to fueling personal happiness and well-being, companies with highly engaged employees are more successful and see improvement in many key indicators. This brings together the business case for work design. Well designed work leads to daily flow experiences, which leads to engagement and better results among other things. All links in this chain can be modeled, influenced and measured.

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