About us

In the future, work will be seen as a great experience, like a good game. We say that Vivic is The Work Design Lab, because we’re writing the playbook, doing the research and building the tools to bring that future forth. Work can be designed to be engaging as well as profitable, fulfilling as well as productive. In this future, everyone will win – because people do their best when they do what they love.

But who do we think we are?
We are a mix of Dutch and Estonians, of scientists and practitioners, of psychologists and economists, of gamers, sportspeople and musicians. But we all share one thing: we are fascinated by human experience and by the incredible creativity that people use to change the most stressful or extremely boring situations into something enjoyable. It can be done!

Alright then, we will briefly introduce ourselves below but we'd much rather engage in a good conversation with you: 

Klaas-Jan Reincke
  • KJ for short.  Originally from Holland, but has lived in sunny Estonia for 15 years. 
  • Wandered throughout Europe for 20 years as a consultant (see short CV), slowly but surely coming to the conclusion that a great strategic model doesn't mean anything if the organisation's people don't want to mobilise themselves in order to make it work. 
  • Once got an award ("most employee-friendly organisation in Estonia") for going out of his way to give people tasks they could actually enjoy. Nobel nomination pending.
  • Has to do the most of the talking on stage, as his gray hair apparently generates instant credibility. He doesn't mind (well, the stage part of it...) as he thoroughly enjoys it. 

Andero Uusberg
  • We'd say he’s our master of Science, but he’s actually a cum laude PhD from the University of Tartu. Has been doing a post-doc in Stanford University, because why not. Back in Tartu now, fully charged. 
  • Most of the complicated psychology stuff comes from his brain.
  • Has a definite thing for complex models and analyses, but he’s no labrat. He has a colorful background outside the academia and pretty much all of the charm.
  • Also has a beard, if that’s your thing.

Kaspar Kruup
  • Has a frankly stupid number of interests. Can’t condense them into a Twitter bio. 
  • Was a heavy duty student activist in university. Says he got a degree in leadership from the experience. Got a degree in psychology on the side.
  • Is now, together with Andero, the think tank behind our content, using both his knowledge of psychology and his experience as a nightly gamer (though not a geek at all).
  • Enjoys, among other things, difficult games, somewhat sad music and being called by his last name.
We are lucky to have prof. Arnold Bakker as our scientific mainstay. With his enormous experience as authoritative engagement researcher, he helps us develop new insights and anchor these into what has been said and done in the field of (positive) work and organisational psychology during the last couple of decades. Together, we are currently doing groundbreaking research on Playful Work Design or what people (can) do to turn boring work into a better experience. 

In addition to the colourful bunch above, we should mention co-founder Timm Rannu, with his incredible drive for turning great ideas into inspiring products. Timm is a starter and has given us much in our early phases. By now, he is well into his next adventure.